Course Booking

All deposits and payments on all courses are non refundable at Ampikas Aesthetics.

You have the right to reschedule up to FOUR weeks before your course commences to an alternative date IF your course has been paid in FULL or alternatively at least 50% of the course fee had been already paid.
We will happily allow you to reschedule if this has been agreed with a senior member of the team at Ampikas Aesthetics.
You will not be permitted to do the following:
• Reschedule your course more than three times from the original course date.
Failure to do so will mean your course date will not be changed or rescheduled.
So before booking please read the terms and conditions clearly as your bookings and deposits are to secure your place on the date of the course you specify on the time of booking.
Please sign and date to acknowledge you have read and understood the above.

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